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Mirror window film keeps prying eyes away but allows you to look out.

Mirror adhesive film

With a beautiful mirrored design, this self-adhesive window film will help bring both privacy and intrigue to a variety of surfaces including shower doors and cabinets. The reflective mirror finish looks great from the inside and the outside, creating privacy while still allowing you to look outside.

Mirror window film


Our range includes several varieties of one way see through film. We offer a choice of self-adhesive mirror window tint and static mirror window tint. Self-adhesive one way mirror film has a layer of glue and can be regarded as a permanent solution.

Exterior MDN500 day and night two-way mirror film

Our dual-function mirror, featuring a transparent black interior finish, affords you privacy from unwanted observers, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Day and night mirror film MDN500

Our dual-purpose mirror, with its see-through black interior finish, provides privacy regardless of lighting conditions.

Both sides perfect mirror MIR900

The MIR 900 film can turn your glass surfaces into a fully reflective screen. It prevents light from passing through, effectively creating an entirely opaque barrier.

Both sides mirror MIR800

The MIR800 film, with its full 98% mirror effect, effortlessly converts your glass surfaces into complete reflective screens.

High performance one way mirror MIR600

The mirrored-mirror film safeguards your privacy by forming a mirror-like surface on one side of your glass.

External one-way silver mirror MIR500X

Silver one-way mirror for outdoor use offers the unique ability to observe the outside world while remaining concealed.

Bronze one-way mirror MIR505

For transparent and double-glazed surfaces measuring less than 1.20 m², the MIR 500 represents the optimal choice.

Red one-way mirror MIR502

This allows you to maintain window transparency while safeguarding your privacy.

Green One Way mirror MIR504

For clear and double glazing under 1.20 m² in size, the MIR 500 represents the ideal option for interior viewing, while maintaining a mirrored appearance from the exterior.

Blue one way mirror MIR503

You maintain the transparency of your window while safeguarding your privacy.

Gold One Way mirror MIR 501

When it comes to clear or double glazing measuring less than 1.20 m², the MIR 500 stands as the ideal choice for interior visibility.

One way mirror silver MIR 500

For windows with clear or double glazing under 1.20 m² in size, the MIR 500 presents an ideal solution for interior observation.