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Smart adhesive films 


Transform your simple glazing into innovative solutions thanks to our films with advanced technology.

Smart adhesive film


Elevate your standard glass surfaces into innovative solutions with our films featuring advanced technology.

ARF 100 anti-reflective film

The ARF100 film is an anti-reflective film that ensures your windows remain perfectly clear and transparent, free from any distracting or unsightly reflections.

CLEAN 100 Antimicrobial film

Introducing our revolutionary antibacterial film designed to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria.

ELC 200 Electric Film

Introducing our innovative electric film with controlled opacity, utilizing liquid crystal technology to seamlessly transition between transparent and opaque glazing.

HPC 100 Confidential film

HPC stands for High-Performance Confidentiality, and it is a polarization interference film.

SCR 360 Rear projection film

The rear adhesive film is a versatile material that can transform any window or glass partition into a dynamic display screen.