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Both sides mirror MIR800

Both sides mirror MIR 800

« On both sides, it acts as a flawless mirror. The MIR800 film, with its full 98% mirror effect, effortlessly converts your glass surfaces into complete reflective screens. It obstructs the passage of light, effectively creating an opaque barrier. This film not only offers the same reflective qualities as a traditional mirror but also addresses your decorative and privacy requirements. »

Material PET cristal
Color Silver
Adhesive Polymer acrylic 25 GR/M²
Liner Siliconized PET 23 microns
Thickness 60 microns
Application Face Internal
Fire rating B-S1, D0
Application T° Min. +5°C
Standards Euroclasses
Guarantee 10 Years
UVA transmission 0%
Thermal resistance De – 20°C à 80°C
Kind of mirrors Perfect mirror