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AGM400 multi-layers anti-grafittis

AGM 400 multi-layers anti-grafittis

The AGM 400 Anti-Graffiti Film is specifically crafted to combat graffiti and safeguard glass from intentional vandalism and scratches. This film comprises four layers, ensuring extended durability in a single installation. The film’s thickness serves as a protective barrier between the glass and vandals, ensuring the glass remains undamaged. If needed, the film can be easily replaced, restoring the glass to its original condition.

The AGM 400 is notably employed in the following settings:

  1. Public transportation
  2. Vehicles like cars, buses, metro, and trains
  3. Ground-floor facilities
  4. Urban furnishings
Material PET
Color Incolor
Liner PET 23 microns
Thickness 400 microns
Application Face Internal & external
Durability 3 years