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AGR100 repositionable anti-graffitis film

AGR 100 repositionable anti-graffitis film

Defending urban spaces from acts of vandalism – 100 microns thick and transparent. Our transparent, all-surface protective film proves highly efficient in countering acid-based assaults. When you decide to peel it off, this protective film ensures a clean removal without any residues, affording you the flexibility to reapply it effortlessly.

The AGR 100 is specifically employed in the following settings:

  1. Public transportation systems.
  2. Various vehicles such as cars, buses, metros, and trains.
  3. Ground-floor facilities.
  4. Urban furnishings.
Material Polyester
Color Incorless
Thickness 100 microns
Application Face Internal & external
Fire rating B-S1, D0
Standards Euroclasses
Durability 3 years