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SEC 054 windows protection 100 microns internal

Protective film SEC 054X is designed for interior applications and complies with the norm/en 12600. This transparent film creates a robust membrane that secures the glass, effectively preventing shattering in cases of explosions or vandalism. It’s particularly well-suited for use in places like stores, shopping centers, schools, and hospitals where safety is crucial, and it is recommended for glazing areas smaller than 3 square meters.

Enhancing Glass Strength: When applied to glass surfaces, this colorless film forms an integral membrane that prevents glass from shattering during explosions. Its application is highly advisable in various public settings, including shops, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, public buildings, exhibition halls, sports facilities, and homes, especially for glazing areas less than 3 square meters.

Improved Glass Resistance: Security films, thanks to a specially engineered adhesive, absorb the energy generated by impacts or shockwaves from explosions. They significantly reduce the risk of glass breakage, as confirmed by tests conducted by CEBTP following NF P78.406 & 2B2 NF EN 12600 standards and resistance to soft body impacts.

Prevention of Glass Shards: In the event of glass breakage, an invisible and durable membrane retains the broken glass pieces. The glass may crack but remains in place, safeguarding the well-being of individuals and property. These safety films meet the strictest safety standards, including fire ratings and Euroclass standards, as they burn without creating or propagating flames. Even in extreme conditions, they maintain their integrity, ensuring the glass doesn’t shatter under heat.

Preservation of Glass Transparency: The crystal polyester used in these films ensures that transparency and visibility are unaffected, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, the treatment applied with acrylic adhesive filters out 95% of U.V.A radiation, preventing the discoloration of items displayed in the window.

Material PET
Adhesive Polymer acrylic 25 G/M²
Liner PET 23 microns
Thickness 100 microns
Application Face Internal
Fire rating B-S1, D0
Application T° Min. +5°C
Standards Euroclasses
Guarantee Indoor 10 years
Tensile strenght 17,5 DA N/CM
Elongation at break 100%
CEBTP NFP 78-406 Standard