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SEC 058X security film 200 microns external

SEC 058X is a protective film designed for glazing areas larger than 3 square meters. It is applied externally and complies with the EN 12600 standards.

This film is notably thick and exhibits exceptional tear resistance. It serves to fortify glazing by creating a transparent, integral membrane that securely holds the glass in place. In the event of an explosion, it prevents the glass from shattering. Its application is highly recommended in various public settings such as shops, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, public buildings, exhibition halls, sports facilities, and homes.

Furthermore, it enhances the glass’s resistance to impacts. By utilizing a specially formulated adhesive, security films absorb the energy generated by object impacts or shock waves resulting from explosions. This significantly reduces the risk of glass breakage, as demonstrated by tests conducted by CEBTP in accordance with standards NF P78.406 & 2B2 NF EN 12600, including resistance to impacts from soft objects.

In the unfortunate event of glass breakage, the film retains the broken glass pieces, preventing them from dispersing. Although the glass may become cracked, it remains in place, ensuring the safety of individuals and property. These safety films meet the strictest safety standards, including Fire Rating and Euroclass Standards, as they burn without producing or spreading flames. Even under extreme conditions, they maintain their integrity, preventing glass from shattering in the presence of heat.

What’s more, these films do not compromise the transparency of the glass. Thanks to their crystal polyester composition, transparency and visibility remain unaltered, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Additionally, the acrylic adhesive used in these films filters out 95% of U.V.A radiation, which helps prevent the discoloration of items displayed in windows.

Material PET
Adhesive Polymer acrylic 25 G/M²
Liner PET 23 microns
Thickness 200 microns
Application Face External
Fire rating B-S1, D0
Application T° Min. +5°C
Standards Euroclasses
Guarantee Five years
UVA transmission 5%
Tensile strenght 17,5 DA N/CM
Elongation at break 100%
CEBTP EN 12600 Standard