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TOP 300R anti-bulletproof – 330 microns – Internal

The safety film TOP300R represents a groundbreaking advancement in security measures. This new iteration of the TOP 300 film series is the very first to be certified as bulletproof. It stands as the most robust safety film produced to date, ensuring impeccable security for your premises. The completely transparent nature of the TOP300R security film creates a protective barrier that keeps the glass intact, preventing it from shattering into shards in the event of an explosion or vandalism.

In terms of performance, the TOP 300R film, owing to its multi-layer technology, delivers significantly higher resistance to impacts and tears compared to traditional security polyester films.

As for its applications, it can safeguard various types of glass surfaces and offers the option of layering multiple films to enhance its protective capabilities.

Material Multi-layers polyester
Adhesive Polymer acrylic 28 G/M²
Liner PET 23 microns
Thickness 330 microns
Application Face Internal
Fire rating B-S1, D0
Application T° Min. +5°C
Standards Euroclasses
Guarantee 10 years*
Elongation at break 100%
Thermal resistance De – 20°C à 80°C