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ATH 101 Solar protection 61%

ATH 101 Solar protection 61%

The ATH 101 stands as the world’s exclusive indoor solar protection film, adaptable to all types of glazing. Its distinctive design allows it to disperse light rays effectively, delivering stunning results.

Solar Management

To prevent overheating, ensuring proper air circulation is key. You can incorporate controlled energy transmission, maintaining a well-lit space while preventing excessive heat. This approach not only conserves energy typically consumed by air conditioners but also offers the potential for a temperature reduction of up to 10°C, enhancing comfort and reducing glare.

Solar Coefficient

The solar coefficient (G) of the glazing represents the ratio between the total energy, encompassing direct solar energy transmission and the energy emitted by the glass within the indoor environment due to energy absorption.

Material PET
Color Silver metallic
Adhesive Acrylic polymer 19G/M²
Liner Siliconed paper 23 microns
Thickness 70 microns
Application Face Internal
Standards Euroclasses
Guarantee 10 years*
UVA transmission 1%
Facteur Solaire G 39%
Energie Solaire Rejetée 61%