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IR 50 Infrared protection 62%

IR 50 Infrared protection 62%

The IR 50 sunscreen film

is specifically designed for application on windows to mitigate the sun’s heat and glare. These heat-resistant films serve as an excellent alternative to air conditioning.
When affixed to windows, they contribute to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, even in hot weather.

Solar Management

To prevent overheating, it is essential to ensure proper air circulation. You can achieve this by incorporating a selective energy transmission that allows for ample natural light while preventing excessive heat buildup. By doing so, you can save energy that would otherwise be consumed by air conditioning, potentially reducing the temperature by up to 10°C, enhancing comfort, and minimizing glare.

Solar Factor

The solar factor (G) of glazing represents the ratio between the total energy received through direct solar transmission and the energy emitted into the indoor space due to glass heating from absorbed energy.

Material PET
Color Extra-light
Adhesive Acrylic 19 g/m²
Liner PET liner 23 microns
Thickness 80 microns
Application Face Internal
Fire rating B-S1, D0
Application T° Min. +5°C
Standards Euroclasses
Guarantee 10 years*
Lumière visible transmise 60%
Lumière visible rejetée 40%