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SOL 160 Solar protection film 68%

SOL 160 Solar protection film 68%

Solar Protection: 68% Silver

The SOL160 solar protection film boasts an impressive Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) rating of 68% and is designed exclusively for internal application.
This adhesive film has been meticulously crafted for use on glass surfaces, with the primary goal of reducing heat transmission and minimizing sunlight glare.
It significantly enhances the comfort levels within sun-exposed buildings, serving as a crucial contributor to both comfort and energy savings related to climate control.

Composition of Solar Protection Films

Solar protection films consist of two metalized PET layers, an adhesive coating, and an additional protective layer that must be removed before application. Additionally, they all feature an anti- scratch treatment.

Solar Factor

The Solar Factor (G) of any glazing is the ratio between the total energy entering a room through the glazing and the incident solar energy. Total energy includes both incoming solar energy through direct transmission and energy emitted by the glass indoors, having been heated through energy absorption.

Greenhouse Effect

Solar energy that enters a room through glazing gets absorbed by objects and interior walls, causing them to heat up and emit thermal radiation primarily in the far infrared range (above 5 μm). Glazing, even if it’s clear, is essentially opaque to radiation with wavelengths greater than 5μm. Consequently, the solar energy entering through the glazing gets trapped in the room, leading to increased temperatures. This phenomenon is commonly known as the « greenhouse effect, » akin to what can occur in a car parked in the sun with its windows closed.

Material PET
Color Silver
Adhesive Polymer acrylic 19g/m²
Liner Siliconed PET 23 microns
Thickness 70 microns
Application Face Interior
Guarantee 10 years*
UVA transmission 1%
Facteur Solaire G 32%
Energie Solaire Rejetée 68%