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SOL 172 Solar protection 71%

SOL 172 Solar protection 71% film

The SOL172 sunscreen film is specifically designed for application on windows to minimize heat and glare caused by sunlight.

These heat-resistant films offer an excellent alternative to using air conditioning. When affixed to your windows, they effectively help maintain a cooler indoor environment, even during high temperatures.
For effective solar control, it’s essential to ensure proper air circulation and incorporate a limited energy transmission that keeps the space well-lit while preventing overheating. This not only conserves energy by reducing the need for air conditioning but can also result in up to a 10°C temperature decrease, enhancing comfort and reducing glare.
The solar factor (G) of glazing refers to the ratio between the total energy, which is the sum of the solar energy entering through direct transmission, and the energy emitted by the glass within the indoor environment due to heat absorption.

Material PET
Color Silver
Adhesive Acrylic polymer 19 G/M²
Liner Siliconed PET 23 microns
Thickness 90 microns
Application Face External
Guarantee 5 years
UVA transmission 1%
Facteur Solaire G 29%
Energie Solaire Rejetée 71%