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Adhesive window films for temperature control

Adhesive UV protection film

Blocking the amount of sun that shines into your apartment or home can help a lot with your electricity bill. On warmer days, it is important to look into options that will help you reduce heat and stay cooler.
With heat-blocking window films, you can stop heat in its tracks. Films come in all shapes and sizes, so you should have no problem finding the right fit for you. The right fit is important because you want the film to cover your window completely for the best results.

UV protection


Our uv protection films allow to protect exhibits
in showcases, museums or galleries while reducing the phenomenon of fading.

film protection solaire sol 158

SOL 158 solar protection film is engineered for application on windows to reduce sun-induced heat and glare.


Our top-tier UV protection solution also remains colorless. UVB 460 effectively addresses the issue of polymer photodegradation.

uva 151 99

Our innovative UVA 151 film effectively mitigates the detrimental effects of UV-A radiation without compromising the brightness of your room or window displays.