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copy of PRINT2 Printable transparents on both sides

PRINT 2 is a highly transparent film designed for digital printing purposes. It is perfect for showcasing your advertisements, company logos, or interior designs. This film enables the preservation of complete glass transparency, offering the flexibility to print in color or frost, depending on the printing method. Compatible with Latex, Eco-solvent, and Solvent printing technologies.
For UV printing, the recommended method is printing on the opposite side (core side), while for Latex printing, it is advisable to print on the exterior side (sticky side).

Material PET
Color Transparent
Thickness 115 microns
Application Face Internal / external
Fire rating B-S1, D0
Standards Euroclasses
Guarantee Indoor 7 years/ Outdoor 3 years*
Kind of inks Éco-solvant / solvant